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SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment
  • SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment
  • SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment
  • SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment
  • SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment
  • SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment

SONO Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment

All-digital Ultrasonic Technology.

"Internal massage" can change and regulate the internal structure and function of abnormal cells and rehabilitate tissue cells, so as to promote metabolism, enhance blood and lymph circulation, and strengthen histotrophic nutrition.

Relives pains

Regenerates tissues

Relaxes muscles

Cures aseptic inflammation

Operating Principle

Mechanical effect

Ultrasonic shock induces motion of substances in histiocytes. Ultrasound-induced fine massage rotates and shocks cells and causes friction among cells to change the permeability of cell membranes and promotes semipermeable cell membranes to diffuse. Also, it enhances metabolism, accelerates blood and lymph circulation, cures cell ischemia and hypoxia to induce a change in the internal cellular structure, to improve cell regeneration, stretch connective tissues, soften tissues, and enhance permeation. This is the opsonization that can be achieved by ultrasound therapy alone.

Thermal effect

When an ultrasonic wave propagates in human tissues, its energy is incessantly absorbed by tissues and changed into heat to elevate the temperature of tissue cells, so as to enhance blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance local histotrophic nutrition, and strengthen the activity of enzyme..

Physicochemical effect

The mechanical effect and thermal effect of ultrasonic waves jointly form physicochemical effects such as diffusion, thixotropy, depolymerization, anti-inflammation and cell repair.

Instrument Features
Product features

1.Made of a low-power chip and all-digital emitter, the frequency and duty ratio under accurate control.

2.Real-time recording of treatment data, with data traceable.

3.Super advanced DJM IoT & AI system that makes a remote fault diagnosis, offers remote guidance to beauticians, conducts remote consumables management, seamlessly connected with payment systems (WeChat, Facebook, twitter, Apple Pay)!

4.uxurious 10.3" ultra-large touch screen; Android, lifelong free upgrade!

5.Modular internal structure ensures quality in line with German Industry 4.0!

Super Effect

1.Eases pains, relieves myospasm, softens scars, connects tissues.

2.Stimulates cell repair, to prevent adhesion and tissue calcification.

3.Enhances tissue metabolism, to improve tissue cell regeneration.

4.Promotes callus growth, allays inflammation, and accelerates wound healing.

Common Indications

1.Various pains in neck, shoulder, waist, leg, knee and joint caused by soft tissue contusion or exercise-induced muscle ache.

2.Thermal effect:Postoperative tissue adhesions caused by lingering bone diseases such as cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis and lumbar disc herniation, as well as post-injury tissue edema and adhesion.

3.Ganglion, spondylitis, frostbite.

Instrument Parameters
Rated output power ( w ) 15(YDT-010L 10(YDT-010XL
Effective radiation area of physiotherapy head ( cm2 ) 6.0(YDT-010L 18.85(YDT-010XL
Acoustic operating frequency ( MHz ) 1.0
Beam nonuniformity coefficient ≤8.0
Modulated waveform Pulse
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